The Leading Note Music student of the month for January 2015 is Bethany Hoang!   Bethany is 10 years old and is in grade 5 at school.  She also attends Japanese school on Saturday mornings with her brother Braeden and cousin Kai who are also Leading Note Music students. She is the eldest of three children.  

In June 2014, Bethany was awarded the Leading Note Music  Eureka Trophy. The trophy is awarded annually to the piano student who has undergone a major epiphany musically or has had a significant  "A ha!" moment musically during the teaching year.  Bethany's strong fingers allow her to achieve excellent tone in her playing.  Recently, she has learned to exhibit effective control over this strength so that the dynamic range of her playing can be quite vast.  

Currently, Bethany is studying grade 1 piano and will be taking her grade 1 piano exam in June 2015.   She is also planning to enter a competitive music festival for the first time this year.  At her piano lessons, Bethany enjoys playing the flash note game to hone her note reading skills.    In addition to playing the piano, Bethany plays a little bit on the recorder and the guitar.  She also enjoys reading and is a competitive swimmer.  Her favourite book series is called Dork Diaries.

Please enjoy Bethany performing Spooks and Dream Journey.  Bethany likes Spooks because the dynamics make the piece sound mysterious and Dream Journey because of the glissando at the end.