A piano recital is an important event.  It is an opportunity for all students to share their unique musical gifts.  It is not a competition but a celebration of musical achievements and gives students an opportunity to practice poise and composure in front of an audience.  By watching beginning and more advanced students perform, every student will be able to have a better understanding of his or her own musical journey.  I am proud of every student I have that has the courage to get up, perform, and share their musical gifts. I always enjoy every performance.

Below I have listed some guidelines that will help ensure that the recital experience is a success for all concerned and that it is treated like the important event that it is:

1. Please arrive a little early (5 to 10 minutes) to find a comfortable place to sit.  Make sure all your invited guests understand the importance of arriving on time too. If they arrive late, it makes it difficult for those performing.  However, if you do arrive late, please wait to enter the recital hall between pieces or when applause is heard.

2. Performers need to wear appropriate recital attire.  My recitals are formal events often in places like churches.  This means no jeans, t-shirts or athletic shoes.  However, no one should feel obligated to spend money for new clothes unless this is something that is truly desired.

3. Students and their families should stay for the entire recital. There is nothing worse than being one of the last performers only to find that many in the audience have already left or are in the process of leaving. If you have an EXTREMELY important reason for leaving, and absolutely cannot wait until the end of the recital, please sit at the back in order to exit discreetly and quietly.  Time your exit in between pieces.

4. The performers have worked hard and deserve your entire attention.   All cell phones and any electrical devices that may produce sound should be turned off.  

5.  Parents with young children are expected to supervise them appropriately during the recital.  Please discourage your children from moving around during a performance—that can be very distracting for the performer.  Unnecessary noise from whispering, talking, candy wrappers, etc. during a program is also very distracting.  

6. Performers should bow before and after their performances to acknowledge the audience.  This will be reinforced with my students in the weeks prior to the recital.

7. Enjoy the performances and help celebrate musical accomplishments with your enthusiastic applause!