The Leading Note Music teaching staff includes Principal Teacher and owner, Christina Puhacz, other Teachers and Teacher Apprentices.  Principal Teacher Christina Puhacz is an RCM certified music teacher.  Teachers operate under the guidance of Principal Teacher Christina Puhacz and conduct lessons on an independent basis from their home studios.  Teacher Apprentices are current Leading Note Music students who have achieved a minimum of Level 5 RCM and are 14 years old or more.  They have expressed a desire to become music teachers and/or learn more about the business of running a music studio.  All teachers and teacher apprentices have participated in local music festivals winning many awards including gold medals, trophies and scholarships.  All faculty have successfully completed piano exams receiving First Class Honours and most notably, Aidan Lao and Bridget Puhacz have successfully completed a number of RCM examinations receiving First Class Honours with Distinction.

Principal Teacher:  Christina Puhacz

I am Christina Puhacz, the founder of Leading Note Music (a virtual music studio) and a RCM certified piano teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience, who returned to piano teaching in 2009.  I  left an engineering related career in the business world in late 2006 in order to explore other interests, including some that were entrepreneurial.  Prior to acquiring my engineering degree at the University of Waterloo, I was a piano teacher with many students and, during the course of my engineering career, I continued to teach a handful of students, including my own children. By 2009 I had returned to what I loved most -- music, in particular, the piano.      

In 2010, I successfully competed in RCM's own music festival winning a bronze.  My musical journey has been a continuous one and from there I went on to study with Dr. Michael Esch , a former collaborator with the Canadian Sinfonietta Chamber Players. He is also one of the featured pianists for the 2015 RCM syllabus recordings.  Occasionally, I write music and from time-to-time, some of my pieces have been played by my piano students and heard by the attendees at my piano recitals and salons.

My interest in music seems to have always been there.  I can’t pinpoint one particular event that turned me on to music but  I do know that I have always been surrounded by family members with a strong interest in music whether it be vocal singing or other instruments like the piano.  Music has brought nothing but positive things to my life.  The most positive of these has been the wonderful students and families I have crossed paths with while teaching piano lessons. 

Teacher:  Aidan Lao

My name is Aidan Lao and I’m very excited to share my love of music through teaching piano.  I’m very honoured to be part of Leading Note Music under the guidance of Principal Teacher Christina Puhacz.

I have always loved music and started playing by ear at the age of 4. I’m so proud to have come a long way in a short period of time - winning a number of awards along the way including the Senior Piano Playoff Chairman's Award (Oshawa Whitby Kiwanis Music Festival), First Place at the 2019 ORMTA GTA Zone Intermediate Instrumental Competition (Level 9), Best in Quick Study (2019 North York Music Festival).  I’ve also had the privilege of being selected multiple times to compete in OMFA Provincial competitions.  I am now studying Level 10 and very much looking forward to achieving my goal of an ARCT diploma.

Music is a wonderful medium to express a wide variety of emotions. I think that the technical aspects and the work that goes into the creation of music is complex and interesting. I enjoy performing at parties, in school, and at a retirement home where i volunteer.  It makes me feel happy to see the impact that my music can have on people.  I can’t wait to see where my musical journey takes me.!

Teacher Apprentice:  Bridget Puhacz

I am Bridget Puhacz and I am a teacher apprentice at Leading Note Music.  I am currently studying level 8 RCM which I find very rewarding because I really enjoy playing the music available to me at this level.  In addition to this, I like to sing and have used my skills acquired through piano study to write my own songs with accompaniment.  Outside of music, I really enjoy being active.  I have competed as a provincial gymnast in the pastand continue to be very active participating in spartan races.

Teacher Apprentice:  Noelle Puhacz

I am Noelle Puhacz, a teacher apprentice at Leading Note Music.  I have studied music since before I can remember and I'm currently working on level 7 RCM.  Along with the RCM repertoire that I play, I also enjoy playing pop music.

My interests don't just lie within music.  I was also a provincial trampolinist.  I was the Ontario provincial champion in my category for the 2016/2017 season.  I enjoy academic challenges too and take part in the occasional math contest for fun.  My accomplishments in piano help my academics and my academics help my music ability.  This is demonstrated most by the mark of 100% that I achieved on the basic rudiments examination. 

I believe that everyone can be successful in music and that playing the piano and participating in other extracurricular activities help people develop the ability to work hard and succeed in their endeavours. 

Teacher Apprentice:  Kai Baba

I am Kai Baba,  a teacher apprentice at Leading Note Music where I am currently studying level 7 RCM piano. I have been taking lessons with Leading Note Music since 2011. In addition to piano, I have had many experiences playing other instruments including the clarinet, taiko drums, the recorder, and the ukulele. My goal as a student is to finish taking all the RCM levels (level 10 RCM).

I feel music really brings out the creativity in everyone and it has helped me through some difficult times. Not only do I love playing music, I also love listening to all sorts of different types of music. 

Outside of music, I play basket ball on a rep team and play on several other school sport teams.