Private Lesson Fees

30 minute lesson      $25.00

45 minute lesson      $34.50

60 minute lesson      $45.00

Partner Lesson Fees per student

30 minute lesson      $20.00

45 minute lesson      $30.00

Piano lessons fees are due monthly in advance on the first of the month. All overdue accounts are subject to a $10 late fee.  

What does the lesson fee cover?

  • Time spent with the student 
    • lessons, piano performance salons, recitals, festivals, partner lessons, group lessons
  • Time spent in preparation for the student 
    • Trips to the music store, lesson planning, bookkeeping, development of curriculum.
    • It has been cited by professional music journals that for every hour enrolled in piano lessons, you are investing in at least 2 hours of the teachers time.
  • Teacher training and experience
  • Mid-week video performance critiques
  • Additional recital costs and preparations not covered by annual registration fee
    • Programs, refreshments, facility rental 
  • Professional organization memberships such as ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association)
    • Memberships are maintained by the teacher to enhance their teaching skills and provide the student with opportunities for festivals, competitions, and performance events.
  • Studio expenses
    • Copying, computer software, incentive programs, instruments, tunings, repairs, newsletters.
  • Teacher discounts for music books and materials
  • Continuing education lessons and classes that keep the teacher current on methods and techniques 
  • Certification costs 
    • RCM (Royal Conservatory or Music) certified teachers pay to be re-certified annually