Private Lesson Fees in Studio or Online

30 minute lesson      $25.00

45 minute lesson      $37.50

60 minute lesson      $50.00

Partner Lesson Fees per student in Person or Online

30 minute lesson      $20.00

45 minute lesson      $30.00

Piano lessons fees are due monthly in advance on the first of the month. All overdue accounts are subject to a $10 late fee. 

Registration and Registration Fee

Each student who pursues music study is subject to a $25 annual registration fee.  This fee is used to partially cover costs associated with the rental of the recital venues and the monthly subscription to Tonic Tutor.  

What does the lesson fee cover?

  • Time spent with the student 
    • lessons, piano performance salons, recitals, festivals, partner lessons, group lessons
  • Time spent in preparation for the student 
    • Trips to the music store, lesson planning, bookkeeping, development of curriculum.
    • It has been cited by professional music journals that for every hour enrolled in piano lessons, you are investing in at least 2 hours of the teachers time.
  • Teacher training and experience
  • Mid-week video performance critiques
  • Additional recital costs and preparations not covered by annual registration fee
    • Programs, refreshments, facility rental 
  • Professional organization memberships such as ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association)
    • Memberships are maintained by the teacher to enhance their teaching skills and provide the student with opportunities for festivals, competitions, and performance events.
  • Studio expenses
    • Copying, computer software, incentive programs, instruments, tunings, repairs, newsletters.
  • Teacher discounts for music books and materials (when applicable)
  • Continuing education lessons and classes that keep the teacher current on methods and techniques 
  • Certification costs 
    • RCM (Royal Conservatory or Music) certified teachers pay to be re-certified annually