I am Christina Puhacz, the founder of Leading Note Music and a RCM certified piano teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience, who returned to piano teaching in 2009.  I  left an engineering related career in the business world in late 2006 in order to explore other interests, including some that were entrepreneurial.  Prior to acquiring my engineering degree at the University of Waterloo, I was a piano teacher with many students and, during the course of my engineering career, I continued to teach a handful of students, including my own children. By 2009 I had returned to what I loved most -- music, in particular, the piano.      

In 2010, I successfully competed in RCM's own music festival winning a bronze.  My musical journey has been a continuous one and from there I went on to study with Dr. Michael Esch , a former collaborator with the Canadian Sinfonietta Chamber Players. He is also one of the featured pianists for the 2015 RCM syllabus recordings.  Occasionally, I write music and from time-to-time, some of my pieces have been played by my piano students and heard by the attendees at my piano recitals and salons.

My interest in music seems to have always been there.  I can’t pinpoint one particular event that turned me on to music but  I do know that I have always been surrounded by family members with a strong interest in music whether it be vocal singing or other instruments like the piano.   Did I always want to practise when I was a child?  I wouldn't be honest if I said yes.  However, I never wanted to quit going to my piano lessons and I am very grateful for the opportunity that my parents provided to me to learn music.  Music has brought nothing but positive things to my life.  The most positive of these has been the wonderful students and families I have crossed paths with while teaching piano lessons.    

I have the desire to make a difference in the lives of my piano students by encouraging a lifelong love of music of all kinds.  Stimulating a mind to open themselves up to the world of music is something that I believe will serve any student well in their future life endeavours.  Please enjoy listening to the piano recordings and videos on this website and I hope to see you in our studios soon!

maple leaf rag open.mp3