Beethoven Sonata Opus 2 Nr. 1 Adagio Movement on Roland on Sept. 15, 2012.mp3

Music is an interesting art.  It is an art that does not really exist without a performer, and then, for only the moments of the actual performance.  Today, we can recall performances through recordings but even then, once we have listened to them, they are once again, gone.  To be realized, music requires a composer, a performer, and a listener.  For this reason, I offer my piano students several opportunities each year to share music.   These can be formal piano recitals, piano salons, competitions, and RCM examinations.  

A favourite performance opportunity is the piano salon.  The piano salon is a social event dedicated to the enjoyment of music through playing and listening.  Performing students share a piece that has been prepared with performance in mind, while non-performers participate as listeners.  Memorization is not required but is highly recommended.  Salons were popular during the romantic era of classical music.  In fact, it was in this atmosphere that Chopin was most comfortable performing.  He would often embark on lengthy improvisations during these events, to the delight of his listening audience.  The attendees at Chopin's salons often included writers and other types of artists. For my students, the salons are held in my home on a grand piano and they are attended by family and friends.  The atmosphere is casual.  

I encourage my students to consider examinations and competitions because of their many benefits but they are not mandatory. Although I believe that music is for everyone, examinations and competitions may not  be.  My goal is to encourage a love of music in each of my students.